What is the Lone Star Guild?

The Lone Star Guild of Wicca is a fellowship of Texas earth-based Seekers, who journey within to become Adepts in the mysteries of the Old Religion. Like the symbolism of the Lone Star, Guild members are independent spirits who adhere to their own individual systems of spirituality and religious expression, whether they be Pagan, Wiccan, or Witch.

The seal of Texas is a five-point star, or Pentalpha, the oldest form of the Pentagram. An early symbol of Hermetic wisdom and Occult studies, today Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans consider the pentagram, an interwoven five-pointed star, to represent the inherent powers of nature itself – Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit.

The Guild is closed, please visit my new tutoring realm...
The Academia Pagani

Monday, July 22, 2013

All Things Must Change...


The Lone Star Guild has transformed into the ACADEMIA PAGANI - private tutoring in the essential Pagan Arts.

My Academia offers short courses and workshops, via online and small group sessions locally.

Please feel free to visit :  


This site will remain up until August 31, 2013.

I want to thank all of my former and current students for their support and encouragement, to be
a better teacher and High Priestess!

Blessed Be,

Lady Paulette

Austin, Texas 

"Follow your star to the true wisdom."

Our Purpose

The Lone Star Guild’s primary focus is to train Seekers to become Adepts in their chosen path of study. Students acquire a mastery of knowledge from the journey around the Witches' Pentagram.

These five pillars of wisdom include the study and appreciation of our Pagan heritage, Witchcraft practices, and Wiccan ethics. Adepts then go on to use their skills in the metaphysical business world and/or become High Priestesses/Priests of their own groups.

Guild Degree Programs

The Lone Star Guild of Wicca offers five degree programs in:

• Comparative Pagan Religions- Eastern Star

• World Occult Mysteries - Southern Star

• Divinatory Systems - Western Star

• Wort-Cunning - Northern Star

• Priesthood and Ordination - The Temple of Panthea

Our "Four Stars" degree programs are designed to be completed within the standard “year and a day” coven training approach. This provides a more intensive exploration of a chosen metaphysical calling in all of its aspects.

The Seeker can expect to receive selective “oath-bound” information and training with each STAR program.

• The Temple of Panthea - A Wiccan Teaching Coven

Like the Greek meaning of Panthea *, our temple strives to honor the Goddess in all of Her aspects and through many cultural expressions. As Maiden, Mother, and Dark Queen, we seek to apply Her wisdom to our daily lives and celebrate Her mysteries as our wheel of life turns and returns yet again.

Located in North Austin, Texas, our Temple of Panthea offers a standard High Priestess Wiccan degree for a two-year period of study, within a coven fellowship. This program is designed to prepare the Wiccan Dedicant for:

* A year-and-a-day course of study in the Olde Religion.

* The second year-and-a-day trains the first-degree Initiate to serve as a High Priestess in all aspects of creating and maintaining a temple, a teaching coven, and performing service work at large.

Candidates for this two-year degree program should be able to provide her own transportation and teaching materials. Dedicants are expected to demonstrate a good level of maturity, responsibility, and be able to conduct independent research.

For more information contact Lady Paulette at : lonestarguild@live.com

* The word Panthea comes from the Greek, meaning "of all the Godesses" (Pan=all; thea=goddess). The Greek Goddess Thea (or Theia) has been referred to as "Theia of many names" and "Mother of the Sun" by the Greek poet, Pindar. Said to be the "Goddess of Light" and "Mother of the Sun, Moon, and Dawn".

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for Temple candidates are accepted until SEPTEMBER 1, 2013.

Guild Policies

• The Guild is open to adults over 21 years of age.

• Independent Seekers of all faiths are welcome to join, providing the Seeker does not currently hold membership in any Wiccan coven/grove/group as a Dedicant or Initiate.

• All classes, degrees, and priesthood ordinations/credentials are free of charge.

• Members must provide their own books and supplies.

• Members are responsible for their own transportation to and from classes, which are held in North Austin, Texas.

• No sex magic taught.

• No drugs or alcohol in circle.

• Zero tolerance for conflict, discrimination, and bias of any kind.